Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Module 2 test tonight

Just like the title of this says Mod 2 test in the paramedic class is tonight. Oh joy, so everything I have struggled with this far will be thrown at me at once. Acid- Base balance, Immunoglobulins, parasympathomimietics/lytics, HLA,neurotransmitters, ahh the list goes on. Am I prepared? Well its less then 6 hours to the test, not much more that I can do. Keeping in the mind frame, I had friends who did it, so there is no reason I can't. On a good note however, we have done some practicing with IV access, of course my arms look like I have track marks, but who cares? I have had patients in the hospital where I work question them, "I'm a paramedic student" I have said proudly, how quickly their tone changes! Now, If I could just get IV's down myself, we would be good to go. Ugh I am frustrated with the process, I'm a phelbotomist, this shouldn't be too difficult for me. Angle Angle Angle. My biggest issue, and its the biggest difference when it comes to drawing blood.  ET tubes, so far so good. I'm not sure tho, that I have been doing them "by the book" What I mean is I have been getting my tubes by direct visualization of the tube passing through the cords, but I'm almost positive that I'm not placing the machintosh blade in the vallecula or even the miller under the epiglottis. I believe that I'm just moving the tongue and seeing cords and making sure I'm not prying on teeth, but I would venture to bet my placement is all off. The mac blade so far not my favorite.  OK so I have lots of time to practice, just things I have been noticing. I'm rather stressed about this test tonight tho, I can not keep my mind off of it, I know they only get harder, just an abundance of information I will be glad when this test is over. I have to keep the mind set that I got this. I cant wait to laugh at myself for feeling this silly later, but for right now its tearing me apart, so I think I better go look over the material again....

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