Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Way too little time..

Well its been a few weeks since I have had the time or taken it to post a blog. Slacker? quite  possible. Paramedic class is well underway. Less then a month in and we are 8 chapters in, first module test down 9 more to go in the remaining 13 months. First 8 chapters were  mainly review of scene and personal safety, health and well being, and medical laws. I am pleased to say that I scored a 90 on that module test, however I know that I could of and should of done better.
 Tonight we started pathophysiology. Help! My brain is fried. Acid Base Balance, homeostasis and osmosis along with cell structure and function. I took 5 pages of notes tonight, hopefully this will start to click, and tomorrow when I wake and have had some time to digest what. I learned it will all come to me. This was one chapter I was dreading however I know the difficulty only increases from here on out. I am ready to give it all I got, just a little overwhelmed with the abundance of information all at once.
I hope to find that right mix of class time,studying and work. I have been trying to throw in some hours of "social" time too for now to keep my mind fresh. So far so good, but I don't see that lasting much longer. I also need to find the happy mix that allows me more time to blog about my struggles and grievances with medic class. This is an adventure I  have have undertaken,I'm just hoping for success in the upcoming months, my mindset has always been go big or go home, and that is just as true now. Luckily I have a great network of Medics and Ems personal at my disposal ready to help, and I am grateful.. Stay tuned..

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